Saturday, September 20, 2008

Same o'same o'

So, I don't really have to much to blog about right now, except for the fact that I feel guilty for not blogging in awhile. Do I think my family and our day to day life is so boring that I have nothing to blog about? Yep. We're busy. It feels as though we are always on the go. It seems that once the Big 3 are picked up from school we are on the go until bedtime. We have gymnastics, at least the 3 girls go at the same time. We have baseball where Dad is coaching the big 3. That's one night a week of practice and 2 games on Sunday. We have tutoring 2 days a week. We're seeing great progress and hopefully will be done SOON! We are so proud of how hard he's working. We have Midweek School. I am always so thankful for Fridays. NO HOMEWORK!!! FAMILY TIME! I remember being this busy when I was 7. I can understand Fletch being a little busier. He is 9, but I just want my kids to be kids.

Yesterday, though, we did get a special treat. We got a private tour, with another family friend, of the new Lucas Oil Stadium. It's the 70,000 seat facility where the Colts play. We got to go into the locker rooms, see the press boxes, and run around like crazy on the field. What a memory and an experience. Here's a typical sotry of my son and my girls. We get on the field and Fletch starts diving and sliding into the end zone and running to the 50 yard line and back. Hannah, Mariah, andPaige run to the Colts Helmet on the 50 yard line and start doing cartwheels. Are they practicing to be a Colt Cheerleader later in life? Please help me have patience and understanding if that's what they decide. Hopefully, I can post pictures of it soon.


ccjmommy said...

Hi Heidi! Sounds like you guys have had a fun, but busy summer! Nice to read your blog and get updates! Take care!

mammamilk said...

I know what you mean about Friday afternoons - and we're not even as involved as you are!