Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's only taken 9 years

Was I really complaining on Saturday about how nothing exciting happens in our life? Well, I'm finally in the end stages of my battle with the poison ivy I have had for 2 weeks. I think it's just about gone. Yippie!
Yesterday, Fletcher was trying to playing Tarzan, I think, and decided to jump out of the tree in our front yard. Well, he didn't land quite right and we ended up in the ER. Yep, he broke his left arm. No activities for 1 week. Then back to the Dr. The Dark Blue Cast will be on until around Halloween. Why did I emphasize Dark Blue Cast? Well, it was quite a discussion in the ER last night. What color cast to get in the morning because what color sharpie shows up best on a cast? So, we decided to pick Dark Blue. Just in case you want to know, it is the same color as the Colts and black sharpie shows up wonderfully on it. (Just in case anyone needs this for a future endeavor)

So, I'm doing complaining that we don't have anything going on in our lives. Like Pastor Sattler says, "You need to stop making Sour Grapes." So, I say, "Bring on the wine!!!!!"


mammamilk said...

Oh my word! I didn't know he broke his arm, the poor guy! We'll call soon and see if we can sign his cast over the telephone.

Kristin said...

Oh Heidi! What time! Glad to hear your "poison-ivy free", and that Fletcher is ok! (Good tip on the cast... I hope I never need to use it!)